WhatsApp is a simple, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach their customers worldwide. Kaleyra.io WhatsApp API sends the messages via WhatsApp from the Kaleyra.io platform. Using WhatsApp API, you can set up your WhatsApp Business API client, register your phone number, and send a WhatsApp message.

The WhatsApp Business API client offers many of the features provided by the WhatsApp applications for Android, iOS, and Web. The difference is that this application can be deployed on a server, providing a local API that allows you to programmatically send and receive messages and integrate this workflow with your systems (for example, CRMs, contact centre platforms, and so on).

Below are some of the WhatsApp messages that can be sent using the Kaleyra WhatsApp APIs:

  • Template Message
  • Media Template Message
  • Text Message
  • Media Message
  • Location
  • Contacts
  • Address Message

This guide will help organizations onboard and build their first official WhatsApp messaging experience using the Kaleyra.io WhatsApp Business API.

The first step for businesses is to communicate with customers on WhatsApp, create a WhatsApp Business Profile. Once WhatsApp approves your documents and verifies your account, the unique profile for your business with relevant information will be visible to customers communicating with you.

Once your WhatsApp business profile is activated, you can start using the Kaleyra APIs and enable the WhatsApp communication channel to interact with your customer.

Through Kaleyra APIs, you can send:

  • Text and media templates
  • Updates and promotional messages
  • Location of your store or branch
  • Response to customer queries and many more

Refer to the WhatsApp Business page to know more about WhatsApp communication.

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