Configure Provider for WhatsApp

You need to configure Business Service Providers (BSP) for WhatsApp Business messaging.



  • You need to be sure that the mobile number you are entering has not been used by any other provider else an error message appears. Only one mobile number can be used by a provider.
  • You must obtain HTTP End Point for CleverTap from Kaleyra's Support team.

To configure the provider, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your CleverTap account.
  1. From the left menu bar, click Settings.
    The Settings option appears.

  1. Click Channels.
    The Channels options appear.

  1. Click WhatsApp.
    The WhatsApp page appears.



CleverTap supports only one Provider for a WhatsApp Business number.

  1. Click + Provider.
    The Setup tab details appear.



  • The Inbound Message Callback URL and Delivery Report Callback URL are non-editable fields and it is pre-populated while adding a new provider in CleverTap.
  • The Delivery Report Callback URL enables you to get the WhatsApp message campaign statistics after you send the message. For example, sent, delivered, read, and failed.
  • The Inbound Message Callback URL enables you to receive incoming messages from the end-users for a chat/conversational experience.
  • You must copy the Payload Version to update it in Incoming URL.
  1. Perform the following steps:

i. Click the arrow in the Provider field, and a list of providers appears, select the provider. You need to select the Generic (Other) option for Kaleyra.

ii. In the Nickname field, enter the nickname you want for your provider.

iii. In the Mobile number field, enter your approved WhatsApp number with your country code.



  • To view the approved WhatsApp number, access Kaleyra's Dashboard > Channels > WhatsApp Manage > Configurations > filter by Approved Status. From the Number column copy the mobile number with the country code.
  • Do not prefix '+' sign while adding the mobile numbers.

iv. In the HTTP End Point field, enter CleverTap endpoint URL provided by the Kaleyra Support team.

v. In the Header tab, click Add Pair, and then update the following parameters:

a. In the Key field, enter api-key, and in the Value field, enter the api-key value from your Kaleyra application. For more information on how to create an account in Kaleyra, see Creating an Account in To get the api-key details, see View API Key and SID.

b. In the Key field, enter sid, and in the Value field, enter the SID value retrieved from your Kaleyra application. To get the sid details, see View API Key and SID.

c. In the Key field, enter kaleyra-host, and in the Value field, enter the <> API domain URL from your Kaleyra application.

d. In the Key field, enter inbound-message-callback-url, and in the Value field, copy and paste the inbound message callback URL.

e. In the Key field, enter delivery-report-callback-url, and in the Value field, copy and paste the delivery report callback URL.

  1. Click Save. If all the details get validated, a successful message Provider Details Added Successfully appears.



For any invalid api-key, sid, and kaleyra-host parameters details, an error message with invalid reasons appears. You need to correct the parameter details and try saving the Provider.