SMS Campaign

SMS Campaign on the platform enables businesses to send promotional, transactional, and OTP messages in bulk, using the SMS channels to worldwide customers.

The key benefits of using the Kaleyra SMS Campaign are:

  • No API calls—send bulk messages with ease, using a 'no-code interface'.
  • Easy contact selection—select the target audience from your Directory or load them using ‘file upload’ or just paste them into the interface.
  • Quick launch—send messages to a large audience in a short span of time.
  • Option to use text from templates or write the text directly in the interface, or even personalize and tailor-make the messages to individual customers using dynamic parts.
  • Scheduled launch—specify if the campaign should launch immediately or later.
  • Shortened URL—use shortened URLs for optimized real-estate usage in messages.
  • Track global and unique clicks of the shortened URL.