Freshchat WhatsApp Connector

The integration between the Freshchat application and the Kaleya WhatsApp channel provides brands a real-time conversation platform to interact with customers. With its live chat feature, the Freshchat WhatsApp Connector helps build a platform to facilitate multiple business activities, such as customer support, sales, and marketing.

The end-customers can initiate a WhatsApp chat using their WhatsApp Number with the brand/business WhatsApp number configured on platform. On the Freshchat conversations inbox, the end-customer details, such as name and phone number are displayed along with the messages. Further, the brand can continue with chat conversations with the end-customers to provide the required support or service.

The benefits of Freshchat WhatsApp Connector are:

  • Better engagement with customers with real-time conversation.
  • Faster resolutions to customer issues with human interactions.
  • Enhanced end-user experience.