List Upload or Update Results

When you use the List management features described above to either upload a file or manually add numbers to a List, the changes may not be processed immediately. Instead, you will be emailed once the updates have been processed. This is called out on the screen.
Make sure that your email address is correct by following the directions on the page:

Once you initiate the upload or update, you will be presented with a summary of the action being taken.

Clicking Continue will take you to the Lists page.
It is possible that the List will not be updated yet. If that happens, the List name, edit and delete icons will be disabled and instead of showing a date in the Updated column, you will see that the file is being processed. Once processing is complete, you will receive an email.

The email you receive will provide details of the update that was made:

In addition to the email that you receive, you can also view the details by accessing Reports > List Upload/Update Results. Only the users with the Lists permission will have access to the results.

The Upload/Update Results page will display all of the details for Lists that have been updated in the past 7 days and will indicate, if the update was completed successfully or not.

Keep these things in mind regarding the Upload/Update Results:

  • The details will only be available for 7 days, then will be automatically removed.
  • The name of the Upload/Update Results will match the name of the List your changes were made to at the time of the request. If the List name is changed, then the name on the Upload/Update Results page will also be changed. If you need assistance remembering which List your results are associated with, refer to the email confirmation you received for a reference to the original List URL (which includes the List ID).
  • If a List is deleted, any Upload/Update Results will be removed from the view.
  • The Upload/Update Results page will only include Lists that were updated from within the Communicate Pro platform; results for Lists created or updated via GFTP processing are not included.

From the Upload/Update Results page, you can click on the List name to see the details, which will match the email you should have received. The image below is intentionally different, so that we can review each of the different possible results you could see.

In the example above, the results indicate:

  • 586 records were processed successfully.
  • 1 record was not valid -- NOTE: phone numbers must conform to the format specified in the Mobile Number Format section in this guide.
  • 4 records were not processed because they were in the file more than once -- NOTE: only the first reference of the record will be processed; the source file should not include duplicate records.



  • The term Valid indicates numbers that were processed successfully. Keep in mind the request type; for example: if you requested opt-outs, valid will indicate the number opted-out.
  • The term Invalid indicates mobile numbers that are incorrectly formatted and could not be processed.
  • The term Duplicated indicates that numbers were on the source list more than once -- duplicated records should not be on the source list as only the first reference of that mobile number will be processed.

You can access the mobile numbers that were successful or unsuccessful, by clicking the relevant links. Keep in mind that Microsoft Excel can only support worksheets with 1,048,576 rows. If your List is larger than that, you will need to open the file in an application other than Excel (such as NotePad or Text Wrangler) in order to retrieve the full result set.

The example below shows a sample of an Unsuccessful Records file, which will provide the mobile numbers that were not updated along with the failure reason: