Creating Sender ID

What is a Sender ID?

A Sender ID is a set of alphanumeric characters that represent the identity of the sender. It can be a mobile number (in the case of a regular message) or a company brand. Let’s take an example of the transactional message you receive from a bank when you withdraw the money. The Sender ID here would be either the name of the bank or any alphanumeric characters from which you would have received the message.

Sender ID Format

Different countries have different guidelines for companies to create Sender IDs. For example, in India, TRAI has the following guidelines:

  • Promotional Sender IDs should be in the format of AY-1ZZZZZ. The AY here is a combination of operator and area code, 1 represents the category as listed in NCPR, and ZZZZZ is the five-digit code given by the access provider.
  • Transactional Sender IDs should be in the format of AY-A2DCE. The AY here is again a combination of operator and area code, and A2DCE represents the five-digit alphanumeric code chosen by the customer.

You can refer to our document for more information on global guidelines before creating a Sender ID.

DLT Registration - India

To avoid spam messages and misuse of brands, TRAI has made it mandatory for Businesses, Enterprises, and Telemarketers to register their Sender IDs and message templates with the network operators on the DLT platform.
Go through the FAQs on DLT registration to know more about the registration process.

Apply for a Sender ID

You should first apply for a Sender ID in Our team will verify and approve the ID if the details are appropriate.



  • Ensure that the Sender ID you want to apply for is already registered with the network operator.
  • You can create sender IDs in uppercase as well as in lowercase.

To apply for a Sender ID, perform the below steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to Channels and on the SMS page, click Manage.

The Sender ID page appears.



By default, will create a Sender ID during the signup. However, using this default ID, you can only send SMS messages to your registered mobile number and the numbers that are added to the Team. Hence, you must create your own Sender ID to launch a global SMS campaign or send an SMS to other mobile numbers.

A Team is a group created during your signup, allowing you to invite members and join your Team in the

  1. Click Apply for Sender ID. The Apply for a Sender ID page appears.
  1. Click the arrow next to Country to view the country list. Select the country based on the Sender ID.
  2. Enter the unique, alphanumeric Sender ID and include an appropriate description for the same in the Name the Sender ID and Description fields.
  3. Enter the Entity ID.



The Entity ID is applicable only for India.

  1. Upload a document to associate the Sender ID with your ID proof.
  2. Click Save. The Sender ID is now sent for approval.

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