A List is a collection of mobile phone numbers that are stored in Communicate Pro (ComPro). Lists are used to define which mobile users will receive Broadcast messages. They can also be used to determine what actions should be taken in complex two-way interactions.

For example, as mobile users interact with a Multistep Program, the program can be configured to check the status of the mobile number on a given List and trigger one action for numbers that are opted in and trigger a different action for numbers that are not opted in.

Numbers can be added to Lists in a number of ways. First, ComPro users can add numbers to Lists by uploading a text file or by manually entering individual numbers. Additionally, mobile numbers can be added automatically to Lists as part of an interaction between the user and a ComPro program.



Once a number is on a List, it will remain there. Based on different actions taken by a ComPro user or by the mobile users themselves, the number will either have an opted in or an opted out status.

The ComPro platform prohibits the delivery of Broadcast messages to numbers with an opted out status.

Remember that many regional and international laws and regulation (like e.g. CTIA and carrier compliance in Americas) prohibit sending messages to users who have not explicitly granted you permission to do so.

The List section describes how Lists are managed within Communicate Pro.

You can quickly tell how many mobile users are associated with a List when you are viewing it by looking at the Number of Subscribers row.

For example, let's assume that there are 41 subscribers. That means 41 numbers are opted in and are eligible to receive Broadcast messages. If nine numbers are in opted-out status, then those nine numbers will not receive any Broadcast messages that are sent to this List. Of course, any of those nine numbers can opt in again at any time.