CleverTap WhatsApp

WhatsApp Integration with CleverTap

Kaleyra as a provider allows you to send WhatsApp campaigns by integrating the WhatsApp Business messaging feature with CleverTap. You can specify the provider details and configure it for WhatsApp Business messaging. Once you have successfully integrated with WhatsApp Business messaging feature, you can launch campaigns using Kaleyra as a provider through CleverTap.



Kaleyra's WhatsApp feature is an add-on to the basic pricing plan. A trial version may be activated for the first few months of your account, but if you want to use CleverTap's WhatsApp features for a long time, you should be prepared to pay for the WhatsApp add-on.

To integrate WhatsApp Business messaging feature with CleverTap, you need to perform the following:



Kaleyra supports SMS feature for CleverTap. For more information, see CleverTap SMS page.