Kaleyra provides you the most secure and scalable voice calling capabilities to enhance your customer’s communication experience. Our REST APIs lets you integrate a voice communication channel into your application in no time. You can quickly launch IVR support and voice campaigns with our intuitive flow builder. The call masking feature allows you to safeguard your customer identity and to prevent misuse of sensitive information. Our APIs provide you with the agent routing feature to optimize availability and handle high call volumes effectively.

About Kaleyra Voice API

  • Sends OTP through voice calls
  • Schedule reminder calls such as appointments and many more
  • Configures Interactive Voice Responses for incoming calls
  • Forward the incoming calls to a given number
  • Configure text-to-speech (TTS) for both incoming and outgoing calls in English and Italian languages
  • Play recorded audio files during outgoing and incoming calls
  • Route data related to incoming calls such as Caller Number, Callee Number, Call Timing, and Keypresses over API
  • Send SMS to incoming mobile numbers
  • Initiate an outgoing call between two numbers and bridge them (Click-to-call)
  • Start outgoing calls with up to 100 numbers at a time

Visit Kaleyra's Voice page to know more about its capabilities.

Configuring Voice in Kaleyra.io

You must perform the following steps in Kaleyra.io to start using Voice functionalities:

  • Subscribe a Number
  • Configure a flow using Flow Builder

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