Kaleyra.io allows you to manage your business or your own customers (in the case of ISVs) by providing an option to create sub-accounts. Based on the type of your account, prepaid or postpaid, you have the option to either allocate a budget from your account or let the sub-account to consume within your monthly credit limit. Sub-account users can perform tasks on enabled channel services (currently Kaleyra supports the SMS channel and its related services).

A sub-account is similar to a regular account but with few restrictions and no financial authorization or control. Sub-accounts cannot create other sub-accounts, and cannot access the resources of the Parent Account or any other sub-accounts.

For instance, you wish to manage the communication for your organization by providing separate ownership of a specific channel to a specific branch or team so that each team is autonomous in its communication strategy from the others and the parent account. You can set up sub-accounts for either mirroring your organization's structure or communication strategy. For example, having different sub-accounts per regional team, per product/service team, or per channel team.

Let's take the example of an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), customers can utilize Kaleyra services to serve their end users using Kaleyra's sub-account module. For instance, if you own your software but you do not have an SMS service in place for your customers. In this case, you can add your customers as sub-accounts on Kaleyra.io and can enable Kaleyra's SMS channel for them. You can then integrate Kaleyra's SMS APIs with your software and allow your end users to leverage SMS services.

Another example could be, if you wish to launch SMS campaigns for your customers for different products, in different regions, in different time zones, You can use the sub-account module to run your campaign successfully. You can assign sub-account users located in different business units globally for different products, and you can assign a budget for each campaign, based on the planned local time, they have the option to launch SMS campaigns in supported languages.

Parent Account has control over financial activities for different products as they can monitor credit usage by sub-accounts.

To enable the Subaccounts feature in Kaleyra.io, send a request to the Kaleyra Support team.

The Subaccounts module includes: