Widget Library

The widget library is the collection of all the drag and drop widgets that gives you the flexibility to create flow as simple and as complex as your business requires it.

The following is the list of widgets:

  • Start - Configure which trigger (or triggers) will start the flow.
  • Play - Play sound files of your choice when the widget is triggered.
  • Call Forward - Dial or Route a call to a specific number(s).
  • IVR Menu - Set up an IVR Menu for the user-system interaction.
  • SMS - Send or schedule an SMS to the Caller, Callee, or a specific number.
  • API - Hit an API to fetch and validate the data.
  • Keypress - Accept user inputs via Keypress.
  • Repeat - Repeat options of the previous widget.
  • Date and Time - Logically branch the flows based on working hours and holidays.
  • Jump - Jump from one flow to another or to a specific widget within the flow for any given call.
  • Voicemail - This allows the callers to leave a voice message and is used in both campaign and incoming scenarios.
  • Choice - Logically branch the flow based on conditions.
  • Hangup - End the flow.

To get started with creating flows with simple drag and drop widgets, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Kaleyra.io account
  2. Navigate to Flow Builder and from the Create a New Flow section, click Create a New Blank Flow.

The Create Flow page appears.

  1. Drag and drop the required widgets from the Widget Library to create a flow.

Sample flow consisting of all the widgets:


Explore the widgets and start building your flow.