Kaleyra.io Voice Call APIs

Voice APIs

Below are the public APIs available in Kaleyra Voice:

Click to Call

This API can be used to create calls between two numbers and to bridge them together in a single channel. Go through the Click to Call API documentation for more information.

Outbound call

You can use this API to make outbound calls. Go through the Outbound call API documentation for more information.

The typical uses cases that can be covered by these APIs are:

  • Sending OTP via voice calls
  • Call scheduling
  • Playing text messages over voice (Text-to-Speech) in English and Italian languages for outgoing calls
  • Playing recorded sound files over the outgoing calls
  • Triggering an interactive flow build via Flowbuilder over the outgoing calls
  • Initiating outgoing calls between two numbers and bridging them (Click-to-call)
  • Making outgoing calls in bulk upto 100 numbers at a time

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Kaleyra.io Voice Call APIs

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