The customization feature in Kaleyra Video using API allows you to customize the Video interface according to your preferences.

You can customize the Kaleyra Video using the following features:

  • Query Strings - Query string parameters can be used to customize various options for the given video link. For more information, see Query Strings.
  • Server Side User Details Provider - Kaleyra Video solution treats users of a company referring to them only via anonymous identifiers, to display users' details on SDK integrations (chat widget, Android, and iOS SDKs). For more information, see Server Side User Details Provider.
  • Theme Customization - Kaleyra Video API enables you to specify custom colors for the two theme modes of the call page. For more information see Theme Customization.
  • IFrame Integration - Kaleyra video call links can be integrated into an IFrame for a better video experience. For more information, see IFrame Integration.