Receive Message

Configure a Long Code or Short Code to receive incoming SMS.

The 'Receive Message' feature in is a two-way messaging service to send and receive SMS from your customers via a Virtual Mobile Number(VMN). A 'VMN' is an inbound number with either 10 digit (long code) or 6 digit (short code). A VMN can receive the SMS sent by the customers like a mobile number from any vendor (network operator).



VMN procurement and assignment is an offline process.

Contact our support team at [email protected] to procure and assign a VMN.

Using the 'Receive Message' feature, you can:

  • Configure rule based automatic actions based on the keywords received in the inbound SMS.
  • Create multiple inboxes each with a keyword and manage the inboxes efficiently to take appropriate actions and run multiple campaigns on a single long code.
    Schedule customized responses to the customers with suitable attachments and links.
  • Forward the inbound messages to any application using callback integration.
  • Forward the message to the other communication channels such as email or another phone number.
    • Forward the SMS to an email address to one or more email addresses and reply back to the customer via the email or using SMS.
    • Forward the SMS to your mobile number for further processing.
  • Send an auto-expiry message to customers when the keyword expires.

Using this feature, you can handle the following use cases:

  • Build your opt-in database—using the long codes, you can encourage your customers to opt-in and also store their contact numbers to add to the CRM application.
  • Conduct polls— get customers' feedback on your products, events, and track the effectiveness of different sources.
  • Effective lead management—you can make sure you do not miss any leads, even when your representatives are busy handling other customers by retrieving all the necessary information about your customers/prospects.
  • Virtual assistant—The ‘Receive Message’ feature provides an over-the-clock virtual service with better customer engagement and enhances business opportunities.

Opt-in and opt-out feature

The opt-in and opt-out feature enables your customers to either opt-in or opt-out of an SMS campaign by sending SMS with the keywords that you can specify. Further, you can take the subsequent steps of your campaign with the opted-in end-customers.



  1. The opt-in and the opt-out feature is applicable at the VMN level.
  2. To know the end-customers' opt-in and opt-out preferences, you can:
    1. Have a callback integration to your application to know about customer opt-in or opt-out in near real time.
    2. Go to the trigger URL page and check for the responses from the customers that have replied to the VMN for opt-in or opt-out.
    3. Check the Logs section of the Channels > SMS > Receive Message page from within the application.