WhatsApp Pricing

Essential information regarding the new conversation-based pricing model.

Conversation-based Pricing Model

Starting February 1, 2022, Facebook is introducing a new pricing model for all businesses globally sending WhatsApp messages called the conversation-based pricing model. Per this pricing model, you will be charged a single fee for a conversation, based on who initiated (the business, or the end-user) as opposed to the previous per-message charge.

WhatsApp conversations

A WhatsApp conversation starts when the first business message is delivered, either initiated by the business or in reply to a user message. A conversation is measured in a fixed 24-hour session. Businesses and users can exchange any number of messages within a 24-hour conversation session without incurring additional charges. Each 24-hour conversation session results in a single charge.



The first 1000 conversations of every month are free of cost.

Types of Conversations

These are some of the types of conversations as defined by Facebook:

User-initiated conversation: A conversation that is started by a user that initiates a response from the business. Whenever a business replies to a user, within the 24-hour customer service window, that message will be associated with a user-initiated conversation. Businesses can send free-form messages within this 24-hour customer service window.

Business-initiated: A conversation that initiates from a business sending a user a message outside the 24-hour customer service window. Messages that initiate a business-initiated conversation will require a message template.

Referral based conversation: This is a free entry point conversation and can only be user-initiated. When the users message businesses using call-to-action buttons on Ads that Click to WhatsApp or a Facebook Page call-to-action buttons, the referral-based conversations are initiated. The first conversation that starts from the entry point is free of charge, then the subsequent conversations with the user are charged.

Kaleyra Pricing

Set-up Fee: A one-time fee that is charged when a customer is onboarded to the platform. This fee includes the activation of the WhatsApp account and the approval of the initial templates.
Maintainance Charge: This is a monthly fee paid towards the operations expenses that is charged at the beginning of the billing cycle.



For Prepaid Customers:

If you do not have sufficient balance on the first of the month OR fail to pay the monthly fee, you will only be able to use the free 1000 sessions per month.

Conversation-based charges: As defined in this document, this is a charge per conversation, based on the conversation type.

You will be able to view the pricing details in your Kaleyra.io account once your KYC is complete.



For more details on this pricing change, refer to Facebook's Conversation-Based Pricing page.