This section gives a brief introduction about the OpenCart plugin and its benefits.

Kaleyra's SMS extension with OpenCart plugin enhances business messaging capabilities by delivering real-time and scheduled messages to various business users. The plugin enables sending messages to customers, store owners (administrators), and business affiliates on various business events from within OpenCart. The plugin supports sending promotional or transactional bulk SMS to customers. Also, it allows an easy import of customer details from external sources. You can view the details of the SMS sent for tracking and assessment purposes.
To sum up, the plugin enhances the overall business experience for various users within OpenCart.

With the OpenCart plugin, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Send real-time and scheduled SMS to customers.
  • Send SMS notifications to different business partners.
  • Synchronize the customers' contact information from external sources.
  • View SMS logs to report and assess the performance of SMS campaigns.

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