Set up Callback Profile ID allows you to set up the callback profile ID for SOIP.

To set up the callback profile ID, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings. The Setting page appears.
  2. Click Callback Profiles. The Callback Profiles page appears.
  3. Click Create New.

  1. In the Title field, enter the name of the Callback profile.
  2. From the HTTP Method dropdown list, select the required method.

  1. Based on the selection, do the following:
HTTP MethodSteps
POST1. Select the body types as JSON. 2. Enter the JSON body {"Number":"<Number>","CTA":"\<cta_enabled>","TXT":"\<txt_enabled>","RMC":"\<rmc_enabled>"}
  1. Replace the parameters according to the field name and based on descriptions.
Field NameDescriptions
cta_enabledFlag for identifying when the number is enabled for CTA type.
txt_enabledFlag for identifying when the number is enabled for TXT type.
rmc_enabledFlag for identifying when the number is enabled for RMC type.
numberMobile number for which capability check has been requested.
idUnique ID for each request.
kidUnique Kid for each request. It is similar to ID.
message_idUnique message_id for each number mentioned in the request.
  1. Click Save. The saved profiles are listed on the Callback Profile page. You can filter the data on the listing page with Callback Profile Name, HTTP Method, and Created Date range for accurate results.
  2. Copy the Callback Profile ID and use it in the request for getting the callbacks.



For more information about Callback Profiles, see Callback Profiles.