Data is the most valuable asset for any business, and safeguarding them is the topmost priority. It difficult identify fraudulent and genuine user. To bridge this gap businesses need is an advanced security system to protect business-critical data and to avoid high costs.

Kaleyra’s Verify automates the generation and verification of OTPs sent to the end-user for your business. You can authenticate users during sign up or any transaction process by sending OTP and confirming their ownership of the account or phone number. Further, you can also customize the OTP generation flow as per your needs and even regulate the permission for only specific IP addresses to accept responses.

Go through Verify for more information on the functions and benefits of the Verify module.

Accessing Verify in Kaleyra Cloud

You can access the Verify page in just two clicks. Log in to your Kaleyra Cloud account and click Verify from the left navigation bar.

On the Verify page, we have:

  • Dashboard: You will see details of the generated OTPs . Information such as the list of logs and status of the OTPs.
  • Configuration: Create a configuration from this tab. You can also see the list of created configurations and their information.
  • Templates: This is where you create the new templates and send them for approval. You can also check the status (Pending, Approved, or Rejected) of your templates in this tab.
  • Logs: You can see the entire logs and download the reports of the OTPs generated from this tab.

How does Verify work?

During the signup process of your application, you need to configure the below to authenticate your users

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