Kaleyra SMS with LeadSquared

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To connect Kaleyra on LeadSquared, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your LeadSquared application and head to the Apps Marketplace.
  2. Search with the keyword Kaleyra to find the listing called Kaleyra SMS.
Listing ViewListing View

Listing View

Detailed ViewDetailed View

Detailed View

  1. Click the INSTALL button on the Kaleyra SMS plugin as shown below.
Installation LinkInstallation Link

Installation Link

  1. Click Settings icon and then click Configure.
  1. Once the installation is complete, you can either sign up for a new account on Kaleyra or log in with existing Kaleyra credentials.


Trial experience of Kaleyra-LeadSquared SMS Integration

If you are new, you will have a $1 credit added to your account and a trial sender ID. You can send messages to the registered number to experience the integration.

Kaleyra Details on LeadSquared

Once logged in, you can view details of their account such as registered details, SMS configurations (Sender IDs and Templates), and SMS Logs available for their account. You can also contact our support team at [email protected] in case of any queries.

Account Details - Provides Kaleyra account information and directions to submit KYC (Know Your Customer). KYC information is mandatory to upgrade from trial to a professional account.

Configurations - Provides channel information such as Sender IDs and SMS Templates. Requests for new Sender ID and Templates will be managed by redirecting you to www.kaleyra.io.

Logs - Provides information about the SMS sent from Leadsquared using Kaleyra plugin. You can also access details logs and download reports by navigating to www.kaleyra.io.

Contact Us - Send an email to Kaleyra Support team regarding any issues experienced on the plugin.

Disconnect Plugin - You can delink the integration and register a new account or log back in again to the same account. Please note, disconnecting your plugin can disrupt active campaigns, if any.

Send SMS to one or more Leads

To send SMS to one or more Leads, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Leads page and select one or more leads. Click on Actions and click the Kaleyra Send SMS button.
  1. Alternatively, you can navigate to a specific lead’s page and choose Kaleyra Send SMS under Lead Actions.

  2. The details that can be added in the Send SMS function are:

SMS Type - You can choose SMS Type as Marketing, Transactional, or Default depending on the regulations of their country.
Sender ID - Registered Sender IDs are available to choose from in the list.
Template - Choose from a list of pre-registered templates. This is an optional field.
Recipient Number - LeadSquared supports two types of recipient phone number fields - Mobile and Phone. Choose as required.

  1. You can compose a message in multiple ways:
  • Use static message content through a template or compose a message directly.
  • Insert dynamic parameters to your message content using the Add Parameter feature.
  • Preview your content before sending it out.
  1. While using a template message with a variable, use the Set Parameter feature to map the variables to parameters in LeadSquared.

Send SMS to a List

Send messages to Lead Lists with customised content.

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Kaleyra SMS with LeadSquared

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