Deprecated - Logs

The Failover > Logs screen displays the callback details and the failover status of the respective channels. You can search for a Failover log by entering the Failover Id in the search bar.

The description of the columns in the Logs screen is as follows:

Failover IdThe ID generated through an API call for each recipient.
ToRecipient's contact number.
Custom VariablesVariables passed in the API request (ref, ref1, and ref2).
StatusFailover status of the log.

Click on the down arrow corresponding to the Failover log to view the following information:

IDChannel-specific ID created by the Failover service that can be used to verify the details in the individual channel.
ChannelThe name of the Channel configured for Failover.
Created atTimestamp at which the channel was triggered.
StatusFailover status of the channel.