Set up Callback Profile ID allows you to set up the callback profile ID for Failover.

To set up Callback Profile ID, perform the following steps:

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 on how to Create a Callback Profile.
  2. Based on the selection (GET/POST) method used, you can use the following parameter in the mentioned format.
HTTP MethodSteps
POST1. Select the body type as JSON. 2. Enter the JSON body. {"kid":"<kid>","config_id":"<config_id>","delivered":"<delivered>","channel_status_id":"<channel_status_id>","failover_id":"<failover_id>","channel":"<channel>","mobile":"<mobile>","email":"<email>","channel_priority":"<channel_priority>","status_trace":"<status_trace>", "ref":"<ref>","ref1":"<ref1>","ref2":"<ref2>"}

Parameters and Data Types

Following is the list of parameters and data types supported. The fields mentioned in the table will be sent in the callbacks.



Only the fields that are supported in Failover callback (mentioned in the table), value will be replaced and sent to client. If unsupported fields are provided, then the value will not be replaced.

ParameterData TypeDescriptionExample
kidStringUnique Kid for each request. It is similar to the ID.277a4889-a6be-405f-9e9c-24e21exxxc2e
failover_idStringUnique failover ID for each recipient mentioned in the request.277a4889-a6be-405f-9e9c-24e21exxxc2e:0123
config_idStringConfiguration ID used to trigger the request.abcd4889-a6be-405f-9e9c-24e21exxxc2e
deliveredStringSpecifies whether the message was delivered to the recipient. Supported values are 0,1, and 2. 0 β†’ Undelivered, 1 β†’ Delivered, and 2 β†’ Sent.1
channel_status_idStringUnique ID of the individual channel under the failover logs. For more information, see logs page.1234xxx9-a6be-405f-9e9c-24e21exxxc2e
channelStringThe channel through which the message is sent.SMS
mobileStringThe mobile number of the recipient.+919178XXXXXX
emailStringThe email of the recipient.[email protected]
status_traceStringStatus trace of the message.SENT
channel_priorityStringThe priority of the triggered channel.1
refStringCustom value
ref1StringCustom value 2.123
ref2StringCustom value 3.123
  1. Click Save. The saved profiles are listed on the Callback Profile page. You can filter the data on the listing page with Callback Profile Name, HTTP Method, and Created Date range for accurate results.
  2. Copy the Callback Profile ID and use it in the request for getting the callbacks.