Zoho Desk WhatsApp

Zoho Desk is an online customer service help desk software that manages tickets and tracks customer requests across channels, brands, products, departments, and many more. This topic describes the steps to integrate the WhatsApp channel with Zoho Desk using the kaleyra.io plugin to send WhatsApp messages to customers, agents, and businesses.

The integration with kaleyra.io WhatsApp channel allows you to set the trigger points to send updates through WhatsApp messages for various events (such as when any new ticket is created, edited, if any of your customers replies to a ticket, and many more). This allows your end customers to be updated and provides transparency about the ticket status through WhatsApp messaging.



  • Active WhatsApp plan within your kaleyra.io account.
  • An approved WhatsApp template, before using it on the Zoho Desk.
  • You must have an active Kaleyra account for installing the Kaleyra plugin on the Zoho Desk. To register a new account on kaleyra.io, contact the Kaleyra Support team.

To integrate the WhatsApp using Kaleyra plugin with Zoho Desk, you need to perform the following: