Configure WhatsApp Settings with Zoho Desk

You can configure WhatsApp on Kaleyra's settings with Zoho Desk. After successful configuration, you can log in using your account and view the account settings in the Zoho Desk plugin

The page contains the following topics:

Grant Access to Resources and Settings

After successfully installing the Kaleyra plugin, you must provide read and write permission to applications to read the resources and settings to configure the workflow and trigger WhatsApp for different instances.



You need to allow the browser pop-up blocked for the installation URL you are trying to reach, you can either allow the pop-up to access the URL or click on the URL link from the pop-up to access your account details.

To access the installed plugin and view the configuration details, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Zoho Desk.
    The All Tickets page appears.
  1. On the top-right of the page click the gear icon for Setup(S).
    The Setup(S) page appears.
  1. Scroll down to the MARKETPLACE section.
    The MARKETPLACE section appears.
  1. Click All.
    The ALL EXTENSIONS tab details appear.
  1. Click the INSTALLED EXTENSIONS tab.
    The installed extensions appear. Scroll and find the β€œKaleyra” widget.
  1. Click Kaleyra.
    The EXTENSION DETAILS tab details appear.
  1. Click the PREFERENCE tab.
    The Zoho Acceptance page appears.
  1. Click Accept after reading the permission you will be granting.
    A confirmation message appears.

Login to Kaleyra Plugin and View your Account Settings

After successfully granting access to resources and settings, you will be prompted to enter your account credentials. After logging in, you can view the account information, such as account-related details, configurations, WhatsApp logs, and disconnect the plugins.

To view the configuration details, perform the following steps:

  1. Follow step 1 to step 6 of Grant Access to Resources and Settings.
    The text area to enter your credentials appears.
  1. Enter the Business Email and Password using your account credentials OR click Login with API Key link and then enter API Key and SID from your account, and then click Login.

    The Account Details tab details appear for your account.



SID and API Key are unique and enable the connection between Zoho Desk and Kaleyra. To view the API Key and the SID, see View API Key and SID.

  1. Click Configurations to view the configuration tab details.
    The Configurations tab details appear.
  1. In the WhatsApp section, click the expand icon.
    The list of WhatsApp Numbers and Status appears.
  1. Click Logs to view the logs.
    The Logs tab details appear for the SMS channel. Currently, the WhatsApp log can be viewed from the account.



  • To disconnect the connection between the Zoho Desk and the Kaleyra plugin, click the Disconnect Plugin tab. Click Yes, Disconnect my account. The connection between Zoho Desk and Kaleyra account gets disconnected. After disconnecting the plugin, the channels associated with (WhatsApp and SMS) get impacted.
  • Disconnecting your plugin can disrupt your active ticket configuration. After disconnecting, you have the option to log in again with credentials or API Key and SID.