Opt-out Settings

The Opt-out setting allows the end-user to stop receiving the SMS messages.

The Opt-out settings section has the following options:

  1. Opt-out Keywords - The keywords found in the message with the stop feature enabled refers to as Opt-out Keywords. For the Opt-out keyword, you can create a keyword (for example, Jabong, Flipkart, and so on). Related to your business entity, you can provide a VMN (virtual mobile number) example, +13236xxxxx7).
  2. STOP - Refer to as the Opt-out flow. Enter the keyword in the text box.



  • You can add up to 20 keywords. Use a comma to complete Keyword. The STOP keyword cannot be removed.
  • Enable the Toggle button to view the Opt-out settings feature.
  1. Select the Send opt-out confirmation to enable the settings.
  2. Follow step 4 to step 7 from the Opt-in settings section.
  3. Click Save. The pop-up message "Opt-out settings and Opt-in settings" appears.
  1. Click Cancel. The Confirmation message "Are you sure you want to cancel the changes?" appears.
  1. Click Yes, cancel to cancel the changes.
  2. Click Don't cancel will return to the Settings page.