Configure Webhook

Kaleyra Video's programmable Webhooks are event callbacks that can be listened to enable the monitoring and interception of specific events happening on Kaleyra Video through a backend service. When a callback is specified, Kaleyra Video will make an HTTP request to the designated webhook URL. This request contains various relevant data that can be used, for example to collect statistics on usage, or to execute operations triggered by the usage of the platform.

The event type of Kaleyra Video's webhooks is “Post-Event”, which means that the event is notified after it happened on Kaleyra Video systems. These events are notified through http requests fired from Kaleyra Video system to the url specified during the configuration.

Kaleyra Video system requires a 200 OK response to signal back that the webhooks have been correctly processed by the endpoint, otherwise a retry logic will be executed.

All the non 200 responses are logged as errors just for information purposes.

The event payload includes a set of relevant data depending on the event type that can be used in various ways to develop logics on the integrating system.

Note: All date fields follow the ISO8601 standard.

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