For the integration of the Kaleyra Video service, 2 different accounts will be provided, each corresponding to a separate environment:

  • sandbox: dedicated to development and testing
  • production: dedicated to production usage


The API base URL for the sandbox environment is https://api.sandbox.eu.bandyer.com/v2/
Example of API call in sandbox environment: GET https://api.sandbox.eu.bandyer.com/v2/company


The API base URL for the production environment is https://api.[region].bandyer.com/v2/
Example of API call in production environment: GET https://api.eu.bandyer.com/v2/company

The region parameter depends on the geographical region of the infrastructure where the production account of Kaleyra Video is hosted. Supported values are:

  • eu for Europe
  • in for India
  • me for Middle East
  • us for United States of America

Moving to production

When deploying your solution to production, keep in mind that sandbox and production environments are completely separate from each other. This means that each one has its own credentials (API key, Web App Id, Mobile App Id) and its own configuration.
Since the environments are isolated from each other, configurations are not automatically propagated. For this reason, when moving from testing phase to production phase, you need to apply them again. Such configurations include: