Integration Options

The Kaleyra Video technology can be integrated in the following ways:


The simplest integration is via REST API. In this case, video calls take place in a customizable web interface that is accessible to users through personal links, automatically generated when virtual rooms are created. Refer to the Video API documentation for more information and for testing it.


For use cases where a web integration is necessary, Kaleyra Video is available to be used as an embedded calling widget. This is the preferred way the integration of chat and video calls into a website or a dashboard. Refer to the SDK section for more information.

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDKs for Kaleyra Video are available for Android and iOS operating systems. These SDKs are intended for use cases where the Customer’s mobile applications need to be enabled with video/audio calling capabilities. For more details on the Android SDK refer to the following:

Hybrid frameworks are supported as well. Here you can find the repositories of the plugins for:

Glass SDK

For select use cases where hands-free video calling is required, Kaleyra Video offers integration with smart glasses for users to stream in real-time whatever they see to other users on the call while simultaneously interacting with their surroundings.