User Management

Create a User

In order to start testing your integration, first you have to create a few users.

Each user has one of he following roles:

  • plus: a plus user created in production corresponds to a license in the license-based pricing model. It usually identifies a firm's employee or a contact center agent.
  • basic: creating a basic user does not consume a license. You can create an indefinite number of basic users. It usually identifies a firm's customer or prospect.

The general rule is that you cannot create a room with only basic users as participants (the API will prevent you from doing so). Therefore at least one participant must be a plus user.

The REST API call to add users to the Company is POST /v2/users (or POST /user/create if using V1 APIs).
See the API documentation here: Create User.

Following is an example of a request:

         "role" : "plus",  
         "language": "en"  

The response will include the id of the generated user. You can also create a user with a customized user id – provided that it is unique in your company – by adding a parameter “id” to the request payload.



Repeat this step for every user you want to add.

Keep in mind that for a room to be usable you need at least two users and at least one of them must have plus role.

Disable a User

Disabling a user means preventing that user to access the Video platform and its features.
There are 2 ways for disabling a user:

Deactivating a user

Deactivating a user will prevent that user to access the service, but the history and information of that user will be kept and can be retrieved via APIs. An inactive user can always be activated again via APIs if needed.



You can't create a new user with the same id of an inactive user.



If a plus user is inactive it will no more count as a license, until it is enabled again.

To deactivate a user you need to call the Update User API setting "active": false.

curl --request PUT \
     --url{user_id} \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'apikey: {api_key}' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '{"active":false}'

To activate a inactive user, make a new Update User request setting "active": true.

Deleting a user

Deleting a user means removing that user so that it no more exists. That user's information cannot be retrieved anymore. User deletion cannot be undone.



When a user is deleted, its id becomes available again, so it can be applied to a new user.



If a plus user is deleted it will no more count as a license.

To delete a user you need to call the Delete User API.

curl --request DELETE \
     --url{user_id} \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'apikey: {api_key}'