The customization feature in Kaleyra Video using API allows you to customize the Video interface according to your preferences.

You can customize the Kaleyra Video using the following features:

  • Query Strings - Query string parameters can be used to customize various options for the given video link. For more information, see Query Strings.
  • Server Side User Details Provider - Kaleyra Video solution treats users of a company referring to them only via anonymous identifiers. To display user details on the Web interface and SDK integrations (Web SDK, Android, and iOS SDKs), see Server Side User Details Provider.
  • Theme Customization - Kaleyra Video API enables you to specify custom colors for the two theme modes of the call page. For more information see Theme Customization.
  • IFrame Integration - Kaleyra video call links can be integrated into an IFrame for a better video experience on websites. For more information, see IFrame Integration.