Query Strings

Query string parameters can be used to customize various options for the given video link. When configuring video you have the option to control the video features using the query strings such as, by default you can disable the audio, video, virtual background, theme, and many more for the participants before starting the video call.

ParameterShort FormTypeDescription
audio_disabledadBooleanStart the call with the audio disabled.
video_disabledvdBooleanStart the call with the video disabled.
swapped_local_cameraslcBooleanStart the call with the local video featured.
mobile_back_camerambcBooleanStart the call with the back camera selected as the default video device on mobile browsers.
display_namednStringSet the name to display in the call. The name is also forwarded to the other participants.
virtual_backgroundvbStringStart the call with the virtual background enabled as default. Allowed parameters are blur or image.
languagelStringSet the language of the UI. Allowed parameters are en, it, es.
themetStringAllow to start the call with the selected theme (if specified here), the allowed parameters are light and dark.