Create Room

The duration parameter indicates the maximum duration of the call. It is expressed in seconds. If the parameter is not specified, the call has unlimited duration. The minimum duration is 60 seconds.

The directCall parameter indicates the type of link provided by the endpoint. If directCall is true, the user will have direct access to the call. The user will not see the Kaleyra landing page with information about invited users and call options. Default is false.

The response returns the URLs that each user can use to join the call.

Note: Within the sandbox server, calls won’t be registered even if indicated in the REST parameters. If you would like to try the recording option in sandbox, please contact us at support.

Note: 30 seconds before the time is up all clients get notifications of the short time left. When the duration expires the call ends. Available time runs only when clients are in the videocall. If they are experiencing problems and the connection drops, the timer will stop.

Note: If you have enabled WebHooks (described in Web Hooks section), the room_id returned in the response, could be saved in your database for further hook events that might be received.

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