User Registration

In order to start testing your integration, first you have to create a few users.

Each user has one of he following roles:

  • plus: a plus user created in production corresponds to a license in the license-based pricing model. It usually identifies a firm's employee or a contact center agent.
  • basic: creating a basic user does not consume a license. You can create an indefinite number of basic users. It usually identifies a firm's customer or prospect.

The general rule is that you cannot create a room with only basic users as participants (the API will prevent you from doing so). Therefore at least one participant must be a plus user.

The REST API call to add users to the Company is POST /v2/users (or POST /user/create if using V1 APIs).
See the API documentation here: Create User.

Following is an example of a request:

         "role" : "plus",  
         "language": "en"  

The response will include the id of the generated user. You can also create a user with a customized user id – provided that it is unique in your company – by adding a parameter “id” to the request payload.



Repeat this step for every user you want to add.

Keep in mind that for a room to be usable you need at least two users and at least one of them must have plus role.