Create broadcast

The broadcast call is composed by one publisher and N subscribers. The publisher is the user who will present the event. The panelists are the co-presenters of the events (Up to 15), each of them can be broadcasted by the publisher. The subscribers are the users who will attend the event. The publisher can use his microphone and webcam in order to present the webinar. He can also use additional features such as screen-sharing, chat and file sharing. This type of call is mainly indicated for hosting an event with a high number of subscribers (~2000).

If the panelists parameter is specified the publisher in addition to our audio/video/screenshare can broadcast the source of the others participants. The broadcasted ‘video’ is the representation of the publisher view.

The request must contain the id of the user who will be the presenter of the broadcast event. It is possible to choose the name of the event and whether the event will be recorded or not. The response returns the broadcast id which will be used to join the broadcast event created.

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