Integration Architecture

The Web SDK is a fast and effective way to include a live video chat in a web application. It consists of a JavaScript library that adds a floating widget to your web page, allowing chats and video calls out of the box. In addition, you can customize the user experience, or even leverage your own chat widget in place of the one supplied, by using the functions and the parameters provided by the library.

The SDK can be included as an NPM module or it can be embedded directly in a web page.

The following diagram represents the most common integration layout of the Web SDK:



  • The access token used by the SDK is obtained on the server side. This implementation ensures that the apiKey is not shared publicly, and the access token is bound to the user session on the integrated website.
  • Using the apiKey on the client side is strongly discouraged and should be absolutely avoided in production.

For more information about SDK APIs and relevant features, see SDK.

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