SMS Tabular Report

The SMS tabular report shows all the relevant details of the messages sent to the end-users.

Country_NameThe country name(region) to which recipient's mobile number is associated.India
Network_NameThe name of the mobile network used to deliver the message to the mobile number.Vodafone Essar Ltd.
SenderThis is the sender ID. A Sender ID is a unique name or standard mobile number that shows in the “from” field of your text messages on your phone. It could be a phone number, an alpha-numeric, an alphabetic, or a numeric alias.Kalyra
MobileThe mobile number to which the SMS is sent.9198333xxxx
SourceThe source of the request to send the SMS.
For example, API or campaign.
StatusThe delivery status of the SMS.Delivered
Status_TraceThis is the sub-status of the SMS that further helps understand more about the delivery status.Delivrd
RefundedIndicates if the SMS service amount is refunded or not.
The value ‘1’ in the field means that either some part or the whole amount is refunded.
The value ‘0’ in the field means that no refund is done.
CreatedThe date and the time at which the request to send a message has is been received.2023-03-01T19:07:20:000Z
SMS_LengthThe length of the SMS in characters.54
Billing_UnitThe billing unit applied to the SMS service. The value '1' means that the whole text has been sent as one single SMS and a value more than '1' means that the whole text has been sent in several concatenated SMS.1
SMS_RouteThe SMS route type, for example, OTP, Transactional, and Promotional.OTP
Message_TypeIndicates whether the message is sent as Unicode(U) or Non Unicode(N) characters.N
Sale_PriceThe amount charged for the SMS delivery.0.002
Amount_RefundedAmount of money refunded.0
Campaign_NameThe name of the campaign through which the SMS is sent.
Note: If the SMS is sent outside of any campaign, this field is empty.
Campaign_KIDThis is a unique identifier value for the request.81b8b035-2cb5-4ca0-8656-b55589cc3359
Deliv_TimeThe date and time at which the SMS has been delivered to the end customer.2023-03-01T19:07:22:000Z