Configure SMS on LeadSquared

To configure the SMS on LeadSquared, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to LeadSquared account.
  2. Hover on the APPS drop-down list and click Apps Marketplace. The Marketplace page appears.
  1. On the Marketplace page, search for Kaleyra. The below screen appears.
  1. Click INSTALL on the Kaleyra SMS plugin as shown below.
  1. Click Settings icon and then click Configure.
  1. Kaleyra SMS plugin is installed in LeadSquared and provides the user with options as Register with Kaleyra (New User) and Login (Existing User).

Registering an account with plugin

If the user is new to the Kaleyra communication platform, an account can be created in
Refer to the Creating an Account through Plugin page for detailed information.

Login with Kaleyra

The user can directly login with Email and Password OR using Single Sign On (SSO), if an account exists with Kaleyra.

Once the user logs into the account, the following information is available:

Account Details - Provides Kaleyra account information and options to submit KYC (convert trial account to prod account).

Configurations - Provides channel information such as SenderID, Country, Status, and SMS Templates.

  • You have the option to request a new Sender ID from
  • You have the option to request new SMS Templates from

Logs - Provides information about the SMS sent from Leadsquared using Kaleyra plugin.

Contact Us - Provides the user to send an email to Kaleyra support regarding any issues experienced on the plugin.

Logout (from plugin) - Provides the user the capability to log out of the Kaleyra plugin.

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Configure SMS on LeadSquared

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