Send SMS to a Lead

You can send an SMS directly to a single lead from the LeadSquared application.

To send an SMS to a lead, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to LeadSquared account.
  2. Enter your login details such as Email and Password. You will be prompt to the LeadSquared page.
  3. From the LEADS drop-down list click Manage Leads. The Manage Leads page appears.
  1. From the Manage Leads page, select a lead you want to send the SMS to
  2. Hover your cursor over the Settings icon and then click Kaleyra Send SMS. The Send SMS to Leads page appears.
  1. You can compose SMS by choosing SMS Type, Sender ID, Template, Recipient Number from the drop-down list. Also, Custom Message with options to Add Short URL and Add parameter.

The user has 3 options:

  • Send Test SMS - The user can enter a number to which the test SMS needs to be received. Also, can be used to validate the message on the mobile device.
  • Send Schedule - The user can schedule an SMS.
  • Send SMS Now - The user can also directly send a message to the Lead.

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Send SMS to a Lead

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