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What is LeadSquared?

LeadSquared is a complete Marketing Automation and CRM software for businesses. Using Kaleyra’s SMS messaging support, you can increase sales efficiency further to communicate with leads.

How can I leverage Kaleyra services on Leadsquared?

When you integrate Kaleyra and LeadSquared, you can perform the following actions:

  • Send SMS to a Lead
  • Send SMS to multiple Leads
  • Send SMS to a List
  • Schedule SMS
  • Manage Logs
  • Manage Kaleyra account information
  • View the messages sent to the Leads
  • Send personalized messages to your Leads
What are the topics covered in this Integration Guide?

The following are the key features covered in this guide:

You can check out https://support.kaleyra.com to know more or write to us at [email protected] for round the clock support!

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SMS Plugin

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