Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make calls through WhatsApp ?

No. You won’t be able to make calls through the WhatsApp Business number.

How does the Block and Report function affect a Business?

For end-user protection, WhatsApp has a reporting and blocking mechanism. Businesses need to respect all requests by a person to block, discontinue, or otherwise opt out of communications from you via WhatsApp.

Will the customer’s profile name and picture be visible?

You will be able to see your customer’s profile name. However, WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to import their profile picture, so you will not be able to see that.

Can I block a user?

A business cannot block a user reaching out to them through a WhatsApp Business number.

Is there a cut-off time to message/respond to customers?

WhatsApp messages have a cut-off control that prevents messages from being delivered to users out of certain conditions.

  • Regular text messages or media messages (i.e, any non-template messages) have to be delivered within 24 hours of the customer sending the message to your business.
  • Template Messages do not have this restriction.
    For more information, click here.

Can I create groups with WhatsApp?

No, Kaleyra does not support creation of groups for WhatsApp Business via APIs. This is to ensure the privacy of all customers.

Updated 11 months ago

Frequently Asked Questions

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